5 Blunt Cuts That’ll Never Go Out of Style

blunt haircut is one without layers. It looks razor-sharp, as if someone wrapped your hair in a ponytail and cut everything past the elastic band in one motion. “Blunt cuts technically refer to the Away the very ends of the hair are cut,” says celebrity stylist Gregory Patterson. “So ‘blunt’ means straight across the end of the hair, leaving a strong shape to the end, versus a pointy sharp end from point-cutting, or a sliced end from a razor.”

The best part is that you don’t have to lose length if you want a blunt cut. While it is more popular to see blunt ends on a bob or lob, you can still have a blunt cut if you have hair past your shoulders. Don’t believe us? We’ve rounded up our favorite celebrity takes on short, medium, and long blunt cuts.

Click through to see the blunt cuts we’re loving right now, plus tips from Patterson and hairstylist St. Jean.

1-Shoulder-Grazing Lob

Joan Smalls wears a blunt cut that goes a little past her shoulders, with an undone texture that is great for when you just can’t be bothered to do anything fancy. “You shouldn’t be anxious about blunt ends because hair grows in uniformly, and a blunt edge helps to avoid split ends since there is a sharp clean slice,” says Patterson.


Hailey Bieber’s blunt cut wavy lob shows that a blunt cut looks amazing on nearly any hair type. To ensure it looks as effortless as possible, use a spray with a little grit. We like Ouai Wave Spray, which is infused with rice protein to add texture and hold.

3-Pink Bob

Rita Ora’s deep side part adds depth to her bob-length blunt cut. The subtle pink hue (a slightly acid-washed take on the traditional bubblegum look) is the icing on the cake.

4-Pin Straight

The beauty of Khloé Kardashian’s blunt cut is that a few subtle layers help to frame her face. The remaining hair remains pin straight and side-parted, with the blunt ends continuing all the way around her head.

5-Half-Up, Half-Down

Cara Delevingne is no stranger to changing up her hair, but this look is a bit more subdued for her. Here, the ends are kept stick-straight, but the top of hair is pulled back, for a modern take on a traditionally preppy look. For a little more pizzazz, incorporate a fun accessory into your hair.