5 Lovely Long Shag Haircuts for Effortless Stylish Looks

In spring and summer most women prefer effortless and natural-looking hairstyles. Long shags are the best options for you if you want to look stylish and sport your long locks loose. Shags are equally flattering for thick and fine hair. Adding volume or removing excessive bulk is an easy task for a good shag haircut.

The Most Inspirational Long Shag Haircuts
Here are 60 beautiful long shags that you are welcome to view right now for inspiration.

1: Blondie Bombshell

This sexy long shag is a great way to deal with very thick hair. The levels of shaggy layers are stretched out, so you have multiple tiers that show off the brighter highlights on top and darker lowlights underneath.

2: Razored Wavy Shag with Light Bangs

Razored shags with bangs that graze the eyebrows are a throwback to the 1970s. Slightly tousled and totally messy, the uneven shaggy layers that cascade down to the mid-chest provide a distinctive rock-n-roll feel.

3: Razored Shag for Long Thick Hair

Long shag hair with highlights looks so chic for date nights and beach days. The layers add extra texture for those days when you want to enjoy an effortless, edgy vibe. If your thick hair gets in the way, tie it up into a cute messy bun!

4: Frizzy Choppy Long Shag Hairstyle

Shaggy layers that start a bit above your shoulders scream beach hair and that’s completely okay! Spray a beach texture spray to get that extra bounce if needed. To keep frizz at bay during humid days, spray an anti-frizz spray after styling.

5: Golden Bronde Razored Shag for Long Hair

Golden locks are gorgeous in the sun and can get even lighter during your beach days. If the mid-back look is too long for you, you can always have the same shaggy layers in a lob or a shoulder-length cut.