5 Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas You Absolutely Have to Try

Rose gold hair is undeniably a style any girl can pull off when done the right way. Whether your choice is a rose-ish balayage for your brunette hair, simple and timid rose money pieces, or a full head of rose gold highlights, this creative color can look good on pretty much anyone! Get ready to scroll and find your perfect fit among the 5 modern and all-round wonderful rose gold hair color designs we’ve collected for you!

1. Metallic Rose Gold Hair. Get the ideal pink shade with tipped out ends and platinum accents to make everyone envious of your perfect rose gold lob

2. Rose Gold Ombre Hair. The fierce and jaw-dropping sunset shade of rose-gold looks totally mesmerizing styled as an ombre on dark brown locks.

3. Pastel Rose Gold Brown Hair Balayage. A romantic and dreamy look is easy to achieve with a delicate rose gold balayage on your brown locks. You can add shaggy layers for some added volume.

4. Rose Gold Champagne Blonde Hair. A sweet and enticing rose gold tint any blonde should try at least once, especially for summertime.

5. Light Rose Gold Hair Style. If you’re done with ordinary balayage ideas and need a fresh solution, a light rose gold shade should be your next go-to, once you’re in the stylist’s chair.