5 Short Straight Hairstyles and Haircuts for Stylish Girls

Everyone knows that girls with straight hair want to wear curls and girls with curly locks strive to straighten them. The wisest decision in this disputable matter would be a choice of the right haircut for your hair type. Our review covers the most successful experiments of celebrities with short haircuts and hairstyles for straight hair.

Short Hairstyles for Straight Hair
We are sure you’ll find something interesting and inspiring for yourself here!

1: Short Bob with a Signature Curl
Short straight hairstyles vary in look, appearing in forms as diverse as the faces they frame. For this style in particular, hair is straightened with a lift at the roots and an accent curl is added along the front side.

2: Pretty in Pink
Short hair is certainly fun with a natural hue, but it’s even more exciting when you add a pop of a color not found in nature. Try a bubblegum pink for a look that’s totally unique and all your own.

3: Angled Cut
Short, choppy hair is made even more creative with an asymmetrical cut. Whether you hope to take on a more edgy persona or simply wish to add fullness and dimension to otherwise lifeless hair, this is a great cut to try.

4: Perfect Pixie
Hairstyles for short straight hair are also popular with women who have thin locks. Short cuts tend to hang better than longer styles, giving the appearance of fullness.

5: Color Boost
A shorter style can also really showcase your new color. Highlights, lowlights and tips all look stunning with a choppier, layered cut in a short length.